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Scientific Calculator + Graph Plotter + TeX Renderer = Discord Algebra System (DAS)


The unprecedented coronavirus pandemic has significantly affected education and teaching all over the world. With schools shifting to remote learning, there is a sudden demand for software solutions to assist in this difficult transition.

Being a student myself, I have noticed the difficulty in explaining mathematical concepts over the Internet as opposed to face-to-face. Thus, with this in mind, I have developed DAS to support the learning of mathematics online.

The name DAS was inspired by my calculator, TI-nspire CX CAS, where CAS stands for computer algebra system.



The Discord Algebra System (DAS) is a Discord bot with the purpose of providing the capabilities of displaying, solving, deriving, integrating and graphing equations in a quick and accurate manner to assist in the learning of mathematical studies directly inside a Discord server to the great benefit of students, teachers and tutors.

From the comfort of users' own private servers, they will be able to visually represent calculations within a popular social media platform without the hassle of opening up other applications or taking screenshots of physical material.


  • Display math text (or render TeX) as an image

  • Graph equations (polynomials, trig functions and conic sections)

  • Solve equations (both real and complex solutions)

  • Derive and integrate equations

  • Factor, expand and simplify expressions

  • Basic calculator functions (e.g. add, divide, etc.)


  1. Integrated Development Environment (IDE): PyCharm

  2. User Interface (UI): Discord

  3. Version Control: Github

  4. Programming Language: Python

  5. Libraries Used: discord.py and Matplotlib


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